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EBOOK: How Mystics Can Unify Science and Religion
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EBOOK: How Mystics Can Unify Science and Religion

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A profound discussion of the purpose of religion and religious scriptures, mystical experiences and a non-violent approach to religion and science.
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NOTE: This is a new edition of Beyond Religious Conflict. If you have read Beyond Religious Conflict, there is no new material. If you have not read the first edition, you will find profound teachings on the mystical path and the purpose of religion and science.


This book will help you increase your understanding of the mystical path that runs behind all formal religions, a path that has been followed by the pioneers in the fields of both spirituality and science. You will learn:

• How to free yourself from the mindset that for millennia has created conflicts between different religions

• How to use a religious scripture or spiritual teaching to increase your growth rather than hinder it

• How to open yourself to an inner, mystical experience of the higher reality behind all outer religions

• How to become a pioneer for spiritual renewal 

• How to help science free itself from the materialism that has turned it into a closed box

This book is for you if:

• You want to free yourself from a fear-based and dogmatic religious upbringing and find a love-based approach to spirituality.

• You see the value of the mystical approach and want to make a contribution to putting an end to the warfare between different religions.

• You have had enough of the ongoing battle between religion and science and want to help civilization take the next step.


Printed book: 282 pages

ISBN: 978-9949-518-48-7

The Kindle  edition is available in Kindle store.