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This website is part of the Ascended Master Resources network, which also contains the following websites:

Ascended Master Resources
This is the central website of the Ascended Master Resources network. It contains the foundational teachings about the ascended masters, their teachings and the spiritual path that they offer.

Ascended Master Light
Numerous direct messages (dictations) from the ascended masters, giving teachings on a wide variety of topics.

Ascended Master Answers
Numerous answers from the ascended masters to people’s questions.

Transcendence Toolbox
Practical tools for enhancing your spiritual growth, including decrees, visualisations and invocations.

The Mystical Teachings of Jesus
The true teachings of Jesus as he taught back then and as he teaches today.

Explaining Evil
A profound explanation for the origin and methods of dark forces and how to free ourselves and the planet from them.

My personal website
This is my official website where you can find information about me and the unusual work that I do.


You can also purchase our printed books and e-books from:



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Please note that most bookstores around the world will be able to order the printed books from the wholesalers Ingram and Baker & Taylor. This will save you shipping, but More to Life cannot control the price set by the bookstore.

Most of the published materials are written or recorded by Kim Michaels and released by the Ascended Masters.