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EBOOK: Accepting Saint Germain's Golden Age
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EBOOK: Accepting Saint Germain's Golden Age

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This book gives you the insights and the practical tools you need in order to make a contribution to helping people and society accept the Golden Age of Saint Germain—right from your living room.
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In this book Saint Germain explains that his actual vision for what is possible in his Golden Age is so far beyond what we see manifest today that most people will not be able to accept it as possible. And if people cannot accept it as a realistic possibility, it cannot be manifest. That is why this book contains both teachings and tools that will help ascended master students raise their own consciousness and make the calls to help society and the more open-minded people accept that the future can be brighter than most people dare to envision. You will learn:

- The need to manifest direct democracy because the people always know better than the elite.

- How the legal system needs to be simplified so that the elite cannot use it to secure privileges and escape accountability.

- Why some nations need to take the historically essential step and abandon the military.

- How the public discourse will change in the Golden Age.

- Why the responsibility of a democratic government is to protect the people from exploitation by an elite.

- How religion and spirituality will change in the Golden Age.

- How business and the economy will change.

- How bureaucracy and government will change.

- How free energy technology will transform life and give people options they cannot envision today.


NOTE: Contains a powerful invocation for each chapter.


ISBN: 978-87-93297-67-8

580 pages in print version