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EBOOK: Envisioning Saint Germain's Golden Age
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EBOOK: Envisioning Saint Germain's Golden Age

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For spiritual seekers who know about Saint Germain and his plans for a Golden Age, this book contains new teachings and powerful tools for grasping the vision of Saint Germain.
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Saint Germain is the primary spiritual being (or ascended master) overseeing the coming 2000 years, often called the Age of Aquarius. He has plans for manifesting a Golden Age with tremendous progress, but he needs our help to grasp his vision and call it into manifestation. As Saint Germain says: “I have the power to manifest a Golden Age on earth, but I do not have the authority. You who are in embodiment have the authority to decide the future of earth, and I need you to be the open doors for my power so that we together can manifest a new era for this troubled planet.” Through profound discourses, Saint Germain explains the shift in consciousness that is needed in order for us to be able to help him manifest the Golden Age. You will learn:

- How to grasp a higher vision of our relationship to nature and how profoundly the collective consciousness influences the environment.

- The dynamics of how golden ages rise and fall.

- Why we need to overcome the illusion that earth has a scarcity of resources by realizing how we have been manipulated by a small power elite.

- How to invoke the abundance consciousness, individually and for all people.

- How to overcome the illusion that we have to be normal human beings and instead dare to express our spiritual potential.

- Profound teachings on the politics and education of the Golden Age.

- Why we need to rethink our view of ownership, including adopting a new view of multinational corporations.

- Why diversity is the master key to bringing the Golden Age 

- Why elitism is the key to understanding what shapes history and why the power elite cannot bring a Golden Age.

- How to ask the many question that people have been programmed not to ask.


NOTE: Contains a powerful invocation for each chapter.


ISBN: 978-87-93297-37-1

Print version: 490 pages