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E-BOOK Getting the Life Experience You Want

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A practical guide to changing the way you experience life with in-depth explanations for why people continue to do the same thing while expecting different results.
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What most people call Planet Earth and see as a real world, is a reality simulator. A simulator is designed to give two types of experiences: 


  • Immersion. First, it gives you an immersive experience where you think the circumstances presented to you by the simulator are not simulated but a real world. You may even believe that you are a product of this environment and that it defines who you are and what you can do.
  • Awakening. The other type of experience is an awakening experience, where you realize that the simulator responds to consciousness. You then learn how to change your Life Experience, even the circumstances presented to you by the simulator. You do this by changing your state of consciousness. 


This interplay of the immersive and the awakening experiences fulfills the purpose of the reality simulator, namely to facilitate your growth in self-awareness. The built-in “risk factor” of any simulator is that while you are in the immersion phase, you forget the facts listed above. You can become “stuck” in the simulator by thinking there is no alternative to the simulator’s “reality.” This book is such an alternative and will help you move into awakening—if that is what you want.


You will learn:

  • Why the earth is not a real world, but a simulated environment
  • Why a simulated environment seems real
  • How your mind interacts with the simulator
  • How to change your attitude to life
  • How you descend into separation
  • How to change your attitude to the world
  • How to change your attitude to other people
  • How to change your attitude to yourself
  • How your mind creates your “reality”
  • How to change your life without doing anything
  • The essential secret to changing anything
  • How to transfer to another simulator
  • How to ascend from the level of simulation
  • How thought systems create the struggle experience
  • A new model of the human psyche


pages: over 400 print equivalent


ISBN: 978-87-93297-78-4