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EBOOK: Was Jesus a New Age Guru?
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EBOOK: Was Jesus a New Age Guru?

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Did Jesus teach a gradual, mystical path to a higher state of consciousness rather than the external salvation promised by mainstream Christianity?
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Was Jesus a New Age Guru? by Kim Michaels

This book shows with disarming honesty how the dominant Christian churches have created an image of “salvation” that is in complete opposition to what Jesus actually taught. 
Jesus taught an inner, mystical path whereby you attain a higher state of consciousness. It is this state of consciousness that is the true “kingdom of God.”

The author argues that the loss of this path of initiation is the reason so many spiritual people are leaving Christianity behind. It is also a major cause behind the increase in mental health problems. Modern people cannot find a deeper purpose for life in Christianity or in materialism.

This revolutionary book will show you how to look beyond official Christian doctrines and discover the mystical path taught by Jesus to his disciples. You will learn:

- How to see a direct connection between Jesus and yourself
- How to start following the mystical path taught by Jesus
- How and why the true path was lost in human power struggles
- How the spiritual path can help you rise above the human consciousness and find a deeper meaning to life
- How the inner path of Jesus can help you find answers to your deepest questions
- How the true teachings of Jesus can help you meet your psycho-spiritual needs in this challenging age
- How to heal psychological wounds and make peace with Jesus

NOTE: This book is written based on my latest knowledge and insights. The "Reinventing Jesus" series replaces "I Am a Thinking Christian," "The Secret Coming of Christ" and "I love Jesus, I Hate Christianity," so there will be some topics from those books that are described in this new book. However, this and the following books will be newly written and the ideas are expressed in a much more concise and direct way than before.