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EBOOK Help People Overcome the Past
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EBOOK Help People Overcome the Past

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A very powerful tool for helping yourself, groups of people, nations and the world overcome the prison of the past.
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One of the most successful strategies of the forces of darkness is to get groups of people involved in conflicts that create deep wounds in people’s souls, preventing them from moving on with their lives on a personal, national or global level. Around the world, you see any number of ongoing conflicts between groups of people and nobody seems able to break the old patterns.

In this book, the ascended masters address this issue by giving profound teachings on the cause as well as powerful tools to provide the solution. This book contains 15 powerful invocations for helping groups of people, nations or humanity let go of the past and move towards a better future. 

By studying the teachings and using the tools, you can make an invaluable contribution towards helping humanity move beyond the addiction to conflict that has trapped us for thousands of years. You will, of course, also help yourself move beyond your own past. 

The book also contains profound teachings on our original birth trauma, caused by the rejection we experienced after taking embodiment on earth for the first time. This trauma is the key to resolving all other psychological issues. There are several invocations for healing this on a personal and group level. 

This book is a gift from our universal spiritual teachers, and it provides universal solutions to one of the most insidious and persistent problems on the planet. A book for all who are serious about doing their part for raising this planet to a higher level.

Although the teaching sin this book were given in Europe, they are universal and the invocations are either universal or can easily be adapted to any part of the world.


ISBN EBOOK: 978-87-93297-28-9

558 pages in print version

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