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EBOOK: Freedom from Ego Illusions
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EBOOK: Freedom from Ego Illusions

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The first book in a trilogy in which Jesus exposes the ego's illusions and how to free yourself from them.
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Freedom from Ego Illusions by Kim Michaels


NOTE: Freedom from Ego Illusions contains some of Jesus' discourses on the ego that were previously available on the website and in Unmasking the Ego. It also contains a new question and answer discussion about how to start recognizing the ego. The book has about 25% new material.

One of the most remarkable spiritual teachers known to humankind is Jesus who taught the mystical path of reunion with God to his disciples 2,000 years ago. Today, Jesus, as an ascended master, teaches that same path to those who are willing to be his modern disciples. Jesus knows that the major obstacle we all face on the mystical journey is the human ego. 

The ego is the most subtle challenge on the spiritual path because it distorts our thoughts, emotions, attitudes, even the way we look at life. In this book Jesus offers his most loving guidance in order to help you rise beyond the level of consciousness affected by the ego. In this newfound freedom, you will be able to grasp the divine vision, both for yourself and for the world you create. 

Jesus teaches you how to start seeing through the illusions that the ego uses to keep you trapped in a lower state of consciousness. You will learn: 

  • How to avoid having your life consumed by an impossible quest 
  • How to distinguish between the ego itself and its illusions 
  • How the world view of the ego becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy 
  • How to rise above the black-and-white thinking of the ego 
  • How to avoid being trapped in the gray thinking of the ego 
  • How the ego can use a spiritual teaching to stop your growth 
  • How to overcome internal divisions that sabotage your growth 

You will also find an in-depth discussion about why and how the ego was created. You will learn that you will always have an element of ego as long as you are in embodiment, but that you can come to see through the ego and make creative decisions.


ISBN: 978-9949-518-23-4

The Kindle edition of Freedom from Ego Illusions is available in the Kindle store.