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EBOOK: Freedom from Ego Games
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EBOOK: Freedom from Ego Games

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The second book in a trilogy in which Jesus exposes the ego's games and how to free yourself from them.
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Freedom from Ego Games by Kim Michaels


NOTE: Freedom from Ego Games contains some of Jesus' discourses on the ego that were previously available on the website and in Unmasking the Ego. The material has been substantially revised and contains several new ego games. The book contains about 50% new material.

A comprehensive guide to how you can avoid wasting your life on the fruitless games played by the human ego

Today many people are trapped within tight boundaries defined by the ego games--the games of survival, security, power, control, competition, validation, responsibility and blame. With penetrating insight, the ascended master Jesus teaches that on our spiritual journey the human ego plays games that are very similar to the ones played by Frankenstein's monster:

"The story of Doctor Frankenstein was inspired by the ascended masters in order to illustrate one of the fundamental properties of the ego. The plot is simple, namely that a doctor - with seemingly benign motives - stitches together dead body parts and infuses them with life. Once the creature has received a form of life, it displays a survival instinct that makes it willing to kill anyone standing in its way, even its own creator."

Jesus teaches through practical steps that spiritual rebirth requires us to voluntarily and consciously - if it is not conscious, it cannot be voluntary - let the old human identity die and accept that we are reborn into a higher spiritual sense of identity. You will learn how to:

  • make LIFE decisions that turn your life experience positive 
  • recognize the ego games and the illusions that hold back your personal growth 
  • avoid having your life consumed by the ego's quest for security 
  • overcome the ego's survival, control, validation, blame and competition games and find true validation from your spiritual self 
  • take responsibility for yourself and stop feeling responsible for other people 

"A person who controls the world is still inferior to one who controls his or her own mind. True personal power means that in any situation you encounter on earth, you can choose your reaction freely. Instead of reacting through one of the games of the ego, you can react by being the open door for your I AM Presence and the power of God." - Jesus



ISBN: 978-9949-518-32-6

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The Kindle edition of Freedom from Ego Games is available in the Kindle store.

You can also order the paperback of Freedom from Ego Games from Barnes&Noble or Amazon.