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EBOOK Ending the Era of Fanaticism
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EBOOK Ending the Era of Fanaticism

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A powerful tool for doing something to end the influence of fanaticism
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This book is for experienced spiritual students who understand that we who are in embodiment must decide what we allow on earth. And it is high time for us to decide that we will no longer allow fanaticism to dominate thinking on this planet. We do this by raising the collective consciousness and invoking assistance from the ascended masters, our designated spiritual teachers.  

You will find a series of profound teachings on the spiritual causes behind fanaticism, plus practical tools that allow you to make a contribution to removing the fear-based energies and dark forces that support the fanatical mindset. Some of the topics covered:

Fanaticism is when we hold an idea that we think cannot be replaced by a higher understanding.

Why modern democracies need to move beyond fanaticism

Why there is something we can all do about fanaticism

How fanaticism keeps society trapped in Materialism

How fanaticism violates biological survivability

The fear-based energies that keep us trapped in fanaticism

How fanaticism becomes an addiction

Why fanaticism is against nature’s quest for diversity

Why fanatics think there are super-humans and sub-humans

The dualistic thinking and epic mindset behind fanaticism


NOTE: Contains a powerful invocation for each chapter.


ISBN: 978-87-93297-71-5

652 pages in printed version

 NOTE: For extra power and momentum, give the invocations along with audio recordings by Kim Michaels.