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EBOOK: Climbing Higher on the Mystical Path
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EBOOK: Climbing Higher on the Mystical Path

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In this book Jesus describes in a very personal way the more advanced stages of the mystical or spiritual path.
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Climbing Higher on the Mystical Path by Kim Michaels

Hundreds of thousands of people have been inspired and uplifted by the profound teachings released in the form of conversations between the ascended master Jesus and Kim Michaels. 

NOTE: Most of the material in this book was originally published in a book named Save Yourself. About 75% of that book is now published in a volume called Walking the Mystical Path of Jesus. The remaining 25% are contained in this book. This book also contains quite a bit of material that was originally published as questions and answers on the website

In this book Jesus describes  in a very personal way the more advanced stages of the mystical or spiritual path. Jesus describes through practical examples how our souls get fragmented in different embodiments and how the pieces of the soul get lost when we have experienced deep traumas in this lifetime or during previous lifetimes. The result is that our souls become vulnerable to different soul diseases that reduce our ability to enjoy life fully. Jesus explains how to restore our most natural ability-the ability to communicate with God directly.

He skillfully explains how to make completely free choices in a world that seems to be full of toxic emotions and attitudes: fear, pride and guilt. Jesus explains how to overcome the sharpest tool of the dualistic mind-doubt combined with fear and pride. In an easy to read question and answer form, Jesus guides you to a deeper understanding of how some lifestreams are young and mature, some rebel against God and some seek union with God. He helps you break through the opposition from both outside forces and the inner enemy of the ego. 

You will learn how to:

–make use of your closest spiritual teacher - Jesus - on your own mystical path

–turn your past traumatic soul experiences into a forward step

–restore the fragments of your soul and by doing this developing your own direct union with God

–learn from even false teachers and overcome fear, pride and doubt

–avoid being disappointed by spiritual organizations

–create a new identity based on love



The Kindle edition of Climbing Higher on the Mystical Path is available in Kindle store.

You can also order the paperback of Climbing Higher on the Mystical Path from Barnes&Noble or Amazon