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E-BOOK: The Secret Coming of Christ
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E-BOOK: The Secret Coming of Christ

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This book is written specifically for people who suspect that there is something missing in the official Christian view of salvation.
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This book is written specifically for people who suspect that there is something missing in the official Christian view of salvation and the second coming. The book describes in great depth how the official view differs from what Jesus actually taught. The only logical conclusion being that Christianity cannot actually deliver on its promise that you will be saved by being a member of a Christian church. Neither is it true that Jesus will return to Earth in a physical manifestation and solve all of humankind’s problems—we must do so ourselves or continue to live with the problems.


The salvation that Jesus taught was not a guaranteed or automatic salvation brought about by an external force (be it him or a religion and its priesthood). Instead, he taught an inner transformation that leads you to manifest a higher state of consciousness, namely the Christ consciousness that Jesus demonstrated. Jesus came to show us an example of our true potential, and that is why he promised that we can do the works that he did.


This book portrays Jesus as what he truly was, namely the ultimate spiritual revolutionary that came to set humankind free from the limiting effects of the external, oppressive religions. Jesus came to give us the “key of knowledge,” so that we can find truth within ourselves and thereby be the open doors for bringing solutions to the many problems on Earth.


The book leads to the highly unorthodox conclusion that Christians are completely wrong when they expect the world to end in the near future and expect Jesus to come with the solution to all of humankind’s problems. Instead, the second coming of Christ means that thousands, perhaps millions of people attain some degree of Christ consciousness and thus help bring about solutions that will transform society.


The world will not end but will be transformed into a higher state than we see today. Nevertheless, this will happen only if we do our part by refusing to follow the preachers who tell us it is blasphemy to acknowledge the Christ within ourselves. This book is a call to awakening for those who are willing to acknowledge that they have a spiritual mission and that part of it is to help awaken humankind to our true potential and thereby help Jesus see the fulfillment of his mission.


ISBN 978-9949-21-523-2


Format EPUB (Please make sure that you have an ebook reading software installed - Adobe Digitals or similar to open the file)