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AUDIO FILE: Decree to the Great Divine Director
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AUDIO FILE: Decree to the Great Divine Director

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Audio file contains the decree given 14 times, 25.25 min.

Read by Kim Michaels
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This decree helps you understand what a divine plan is and how to gain a clear vision of your personal plan (Read the excerpt from the dictation below). The essential step is to begin to question your perception of life, for your divine plan was not made from the state of consciousness through which you currently experience life. The Great Divine Director is a Cosmic Being, which means that he is on a higher plane of consciousness than ascended masters. His Flame is ideally suited to raising your consciousness to the level where you can begin to grasp your Divine plan.

Suggested novena:
For 33 days do the decree 14 times in succession. Then write down in a notebook whatever comes to you without judging or analyzing it. Before giving the decree, read what you wrote the day before.

Audio file is read by Kim Michaels

25 min 25 sec



Below is the excerpt from the Great Divine Director dictation, given in Dec 2009.

What exactly is a divine plan? It is a plan that is made from a state of consciousness that is beyond any of the characteristics that are so common among human beings on Earth. You do not have the kind of self that you have created over many lifetimes – you do not look at life from inside that kind of self – when you create your divine plan, in co-operation with your spiritual teachers. Your conscious self has stepped outside of that expressive self that you have created over many lifetimes. You therefore clearly see the limitations of that self. You see where it needs to be improved, but you also see the beliefs that it has come to accept and how those beliefs must be transcended before you can step up to a higher experience, and especially before you can become a true co-creator who is helping to co-create the kingdom of God on Earth instead of some other manifestation. 

Your conscious self is who it thinks it is. It is who it identifies itself as being, in the sense that it is co-creating through the sense of self that it has at the moment, that it identifies itself with. Whatever images are in the pattern, the structure, of that self, those are the images through which the light of the conscious self are streaming. And those images form the filmstrip of the separate self that is projected onto the screen of the Ma-ter light. 

Do not be fooled by appearances. The highest spiritually evolved person on Earth is not co-creating in a fundamentally different way than the person who is the lowest in consciousness. They both have a conscious self that is the open door for the light from the I AM Presence to stream into the material frequency spectrum. They both identify with a certain self, a certain mental box, and they project the light through the images in that mental box. It is only a matter of how pure the sense of self is. How much the sense of self is in alignment with the I AM Presence, or out of alignment with the I AM Presence. 

Thus, certainly, a person of high spiritual attainment has a sense of self that is far more in alignment with his or her I AM Presence. As a result of that, there is a greater opening through which the light can stream through the outer consciousness of that person. And thus, that person has far greater powers to self-create, as Jesus demonstrated when he raised the dead, when he healed withered limbs, when he purified the body of leprosy and performed other so-called miracles, that the lowest psychopath on Earth could not possible perform. Yet understand that it is the same consciousness in quality, only different in intensity, different in quantity.

So you see, my beloved, when you come to the point where you desire more, where you desire a higher path, when you come to the awareness that maybe there is a purpose for your life, maybe you have a plan for your life—and you would like to know that plan, you would like to see with clarity that you might consciously execute that plan. ...

I have released a decree that unlocks my causal body for those who are willing to know me as the Great Divine Director, as a cosmic being, as a crystalline structure that reaches all the way to God, to the Creator, to the Central Sun, to the white cube between Alpha and Omega. Yet the decree itself is no guarantee that those who give it, even those who give it many times, will part the veil. You must be willing to fulfill the Omega requirement—to recognize the limitations of perception. And to be willing to see beyond it to see something you have never seen before, to see something your ego does not want you to see, to see something that your peers may not want you to see—because they do not want to lose you, they do not want you to rise above them, they do not want you to go, boldly go, where no man has gone before, as they say, my beloved. 

What is divine direction?

So do not come to me and ask me for direction on what specifically you should choose. Instead, come to me and ask me, “Beloved Great Divine Director, show me your true Presence. I would know your flow of consciousness, I would be one with that flow of divine direction, I would follow that stream of divine direction up through the crystalline pyramid structure that you are, until I may sit on the white cube between Alpha and Omega and thus have the cosmic perspective on my situation on Earth. That I may then see what I do not see now, that I may grasp the real choice, the Christ choice in this situation. The Christ choice that is beyond the dualistic extremes—that I recognize are created by my perception, the perception that springs from my dramas, even colored by the epic dramas of the fallen consciousness. The consciousness of anti-Christ that will make me think that I only have two options, that are both defined by duality. Great Divine Director, part the veil that I may see beyond duality and see truly the clarity of divine direction.”

Give a novena to me

But from now on, I shall address only those who are willing to go beyond their perception, who are willing to know their divine plans. For I have come with an offer. If you are willing to know your divine plan, then do a novena to me. Use my decree, give it 14 times a day, listen to this dictation if you will – or listen to just a part of it as you have time – to tune in to my vibration, that is truly flowing as a crystalline structure through these words. Tune in to my presence. Give the decree, and then sit with a notebook and a clean white page, and write down whatever comes to you, whatever comes to you without analyzing, without judging, without evaluating. Write, and let it flow. 

If you will do this for 33 days, you will have a different perspective on yourself, on your life, on the spiritual path and on your divine plan. What will be revealed, will be in accordance with your willingness to see beyond your current perception and to recognize the limitations of perception, to recognize the mechanism whereby you need to reach beyond your current mental state, beyond the perception that springs from a higher mental state, that is your etheric, your identity level, outlook at life. Be willing to see that deeper approach to life that you have, and then be willing to see beyond it, to see its limitations, to see that there is a different way to look at life—a Christ way to look at life. A way that is so far beyond the human way that the outer mind cannot fathom it. But the conscious self can experience it, can be one with it, can see through it. And thus, can then express it through your outer mind and your physical body. You can live it, you can co-create that higher reality, but first you must tune in to it and experience it, and know that this is the real you. 

I, the Great Divine Director, cannot for very long work with a mind that is not willing to question its perception, but wants mechanical answers from the realm of duality. How can such a mind fathom the crystalline structure that I am, the stream of consciousness that I AM, the soundless sound, produced by the crystalline structure and sent as a flowing stream of consciousness to the entire cosmos? 

Ah, this is beyond the music of the spheres. It is a sound so delicate, so beautiful, so moving to those who are willing to attune, that it will lift you up on wings of angels, so to speak, that you will float upwards on that soundless sound, tuning in to ever higher expressions of it, being lifted by it, up through the crystalline structure. You may think for a while that at the top, will be some clearly defined form, some clearly defined being, that is the Great Divine Director. But when you come to the very top, to the very apex of the pyramid, you are no longer looking up. You turn around and you look at the entire structure, and you realize that it is the entire structure that is the Great Divine Director, every level of it, every part of it, for it is a whole, an indivisible whole—and that is divine direction. You may be part of that divine direction, but only if you know pure awareness, know yourself as the nexus between the Creator and its creation. 

Divine direction is a flame of such beauty that, untold eons ago, I fell in love with it. I too was an individual being, I too had a localized self-awareness. I was not in embodiment on Earth or even in the material universe, not even in your sphere; it was in a higher sphere. But I had raised my consciousness until I could hear this beautiful sound, like a homing beacon calling me home. And as I meditated upon it, merged with it and followed it, I recognized it as the flame of divine direction, the vibration of divine direction, the stream of divine direction. And I decided that I wanted to know every aspect, every possible expression of divine direction. And so, I merged myself with it, until I transcended the stage of an individualized being and attained the level of consciousness of a cosmic being, holding the office, the flame, the vision of divine direction for an entire cosmos. Yet being able to manifest my Presence at any point in that crystalline structure that stretches throughout the cosmos.