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DUTCH EBOOK: Er Vrede mee hebben dat je op Aarde bent

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Jouw Hoogste Spirituele Potentieel bereiken
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Er Vrede mee hebben dat je op Aarde bent


Dutch translation of Making Peace with being on Earth


This book is one of the workbook companions to the novel My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus. The novel introduces the concept that many spiritual people have come to earth as volunteers or “avatars.” We have then received deep spiritual traumas as a result of what we have experienced here. Many of us still carry these traumas with us, and it explains why we sometimes feel as if we are not making progress on the spiritual path or why there are certain issues we cannot overcome. 


This book is very direct about earth being a dense and difficult planet. You will learn the differences between being creative on earth and on natural planets (these are planets without war and conflict). This will help you use your creative abilities more freely and without judging yourself for not being perfect. 


The book also tells you how to reconnect to your original purpose for coming to earth and learn how to experience being your true self on this planet. You will learn how to erase unpleasant memories and become free from your past. You will find profound teachings on time and how to avoid being a slave of time. This book gives you the teachings and the practical tools to attain what few spiritual people have achieved, namely being at peace with being on earth.


This book is not for people who are new to the spiritual path or who are hearing about the concept of a Divine plan for the first time. It is for people who have walked the path for some time and who are familiar with ascended master teachings, especially about overcoming your spiritual traumas and separate selves.



NOTE: This book contains the dictations from the 2018 conference in Estonia, plus invocations for each dictation


NOOT van Kim Michaels: Ik ben al meer dan veertig jaar op het spirituele pad, maar pas nadat ik de leringen en hulpmiddelen in dit boek ontving, ben ik genezen van bepaalde aandoeningen, iets wat mij eerder nog nooit gelukt was.