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EBOOK Help Saint Germain Stop Poverty
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EBOOK Help Saint Germain Stop Poverty

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If you are concerned about the issue of poverty and open to a spiritual solution, this book gives you powerful knowledge and practical tools for making an effort to eradicate the consciousness behind poverty.
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This book is for anyone who wants to make a contribution to a better society by doing something that none of the forces of this world can prevent. You can use the knowledge and practical tools in this book to make a powerful contribution to removing poverty and its spiritual causes from this planet. 

Saint Germain is the primary ascended master overseeing the coming 2000 years. He has plans for manifesting a Golden Age with tremendous progress, but he needs our help to clear away one of the major blocks to this new age, namely poverty and the consciousness and forces behind it. Through seven profound discourses, Saint Germain explains that poverty is not mandated by God or the laws of nature. It is an entirely artificial phenomenon, brought about by the manipulation of a small power elite.

Saint Germain also explains that the members of this power elite have manipulated humankind for a very long time by getting people to misuse their free will. That is why the ascended masters cannot use their infinite power to remove poverty. The Law of Free Will mandates that a critical mass of people in embodiment must first overcome the consciousness of poverty and then authorize the ascended masters to remove the energy, the consciousness and the forces that uphold poverty.

This book is a toolkit designed to help you overcome the consciousness of poverty in your own mind, and then help remove it from the planet. If you have tried other tools for manifesting abundance, this book may be exactly what you need in order to move forward and manifest the abundant life.

Contains seven powerful new invocations for transforming the consciousness fo poverty and the forces behind it.


ISBN: 978-87-93297-34-0

452 pages in print version

This ebook is not available on Amazon. You can buy it here and use free software (such as Calibre) to convert it to Kindle format.