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EBOOK: Expressing Your Love for Life (A Course in Abundance)
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EBOOK: Expressing Your Love for Life (A Course in Abundance)

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The three books in this series form a powerful course in mystical psychology designed to help you receive and co-create the abundant life.
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NOTE: A Course in Abundance is a new, expanded edition of Master Keys to the Abundant Life. It contains all 24 discourses from the original (8 in each book) plus 24 new invocations (8 in each book). Giving the invocations along with studying the discourses helps you integrate and apply the teachings much more effectively, producing greater results. It is published as three books because the entire course is 1150 pages.

This is the second in a three-volume course. It is highly recommend that you start by using the first book, Mind Over Matter,  and then move on to volume 2 and 3.

The three books in this series form a most profound and comprehensive course on mystical or spiritual psychology. The unique combination of teachings and practical exercises gives you everything you need in order to change your life and manifest greater abundance. 

A Course in Abundance is released as direct revelation from the ascended master Mother Mary who leads the Office of the Divine Mother for all people on earth. In this book Mother Mary offers you a systematic process for changing your consciousness so you can accept abundance rather than rejecting it. In this book you will learn:

• How to accept your role as a co-creator 

• How a part of your psyche blocks the manifestation of abundance 

• How to unlock the most important ability of the self 

• How to make peace with your source and leave behind the angry God in the sky 

• How to unlock the joy of co-creation 

• How to connect to your own highest will and use it to break through the opposition to change 

• How to have a faith that is built on inner knowing rather than blind belief 

• How mastering the four levels of your mind is the key to manifesting abundance 

“A quantum leap beyond any other teaching on abundance, manifestation or positive attitude. If you have tried other sources without getting results, these teachings and the exercises will deliver.”


ISBN: 978-9949-518-58-6