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World Invocations 09: Help the Ascended Masters Stop War
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WINVOC 20: A Spiritual Clearance for America

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Audio invocations from the book A Spiritual Clearance for America.
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The 10 invocations found in the book A Spiritual Clearance for America.


1. Invoking better decisions in America 

2. Invoking an openness to new solutions 

3. Invoking an end to the era of fiat money 

4. Invoking the alchemy of acceleration 

5. Invoking a new vision of the purpose of democracy 

6. Invoking an end to the elitist tendencies in

7. Invoking direct democracy 

8. Invoking the true alchemy of freedom 

9. Invoking a higher vision of the presidency 

10. Invoking a Golden Age President 


Note that you need the printed book or ebook in order to have the text for the invocations.


Format: 10 downloadable mp3 files

Read by Kim Michaels