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Invocations 25: Mystical Initiations of Freedom
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INVOC29 Freedom from Internal Spirits

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Invocations from the book by the Maha Chohan: Freedom from Internal Spirits
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Nine invocations designed to help you attain freedom from internal spirits.


1.  Invoking gnosis

2. Invoking awareness of co-creation

3. Invoking awareness of energy

4. Invoking a higher awareness of earth 

5. Invoking freedom from the death consciousness

6. Invoking the exposure of the death consciousness

7. Invoking freedom from aggressive intent

8. Invoking Ongoing Self-mastery

9. Invoking freedom from identification with spirits



Note that you need the printed book or ebook in order to have the text for the invocations. 

Format: 9 downloadable mp3 files

Read by Kim Michaels