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The Song of Life Healing Matrix (Audio Book)
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The Song of Life Healing Matrix (Audio Book)

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The Song of Life Healing Matrix (Audio Book)
(Audio Book - 8 downloadable mp3 files) by Kim Michaels.
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The Song of Life Healing Matrix by Kim Michaels (Audio Book)

The audio book consists of the original 8 dictations by the eight representatives of the Divine Mother—the ascended masters who represent the divine Feminine for planet earth.

NOTE: These dictations are mp3 files that you will download to your computer. You can then transfer them to an mp3 player or burn an mp3 CD.

NOTE: Subscribers already have access to these sound files.

Every day we experience situations where we are exposed to uncertainties, mental or emotional disturbances, positive or negative stress.  Everything we go through leaves a mark on our personal story. Some are uplifting positive memories, others are painful to a degree that we suppress them in order to escape the trauma. Each detail of our personal story reveals part of who we are and what blocks our growth.

In these spheres of our personal stories we hide our deepest beliefs, concepts, feelings and thoughts that all affect the way we look at life, each other and ourselves.  This often generates diseases in our mental, emotional or physical bodies.

The Song of Life Healing Matrix provides you with the unique tools to bring to light the deepest details of your of own song of life. This highly effective tool contains the teachings from eight representatives of the Divine Mother—the ascended masters who represent the divine Feminine for planet earth. They address the blocks to your personal healing and introduce a highly effective tool for sound healing in the form of the Song Life.  The eight invocations that you can easily learn, allow you to call forth the following types of healing:

• The transformation of your sense of identity so you realize you are a spiritual being in a human body.

• The clearing of your mental body from all blocking illusions and destructive thought patterns.

• The healing of emotional wounds and the release of the accumulated negative feelings that reinforce self-destructive reactionary patterns.

• The healing of the organs and systems in your physical body from any disease. 

• The healing of all lack of balance that prevents you from manifesting your goals in life.

• The healing of all sense of lack that block the manifestation of a spiritually and materially abundant life.

• The healing of all blocks to your acceptance of unconditional love and the flow of love through your being.

• The healing of the denial of your true identity as a co-creator with God and the fact that we are all are part of the Divine Feminine.Read the sample chapters here

NOTE: To get the maximum results out of the teachings given in The Song of Life Healing Matrix, give the Song of Life invocations of and the decrees. The sound files can be bought here. 


This book is vol 2 in the series "Transcendence Toolbooks"

Format: downloadable mp3 files

The book is also available in printed format and as ebook.