01st Dec 2011 We have had record high sales volume!

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As usual in the end of the year, everyone starts making conclusions about the year that has passed. One of our conclusions is that we can gladly say that our clients appreciate our products highly!

We have had record high sales volume through our online store and also through Amazon. You can see our bestsellers on the HOME page, and Healing Mother Earth has made a tremendous debute! "Thank you" to all our clients, who have found this book useful and have appreciated it highly. 

In Amazon, we have experienced record high sales volume also for Master Keys to Personal Wholeness and Question Every Thing, as these are the books with the most reviews. 

We truly thank everyone who has taken the time to write about their own experiences with these books and have written a review. 

Thank you very much, and we wish you a very happy December 2011! 

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