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Welcome to the More to Life e-store:

The More to Life online store offers a wide variety of books and audio files based on the teachings of the ascended masters, as released on the websites by Kim Michaels. These teachings give you both the knowledge and the practical tools to take command over your own psychology and become one of the forerunners of the Golden Age.


We offer downloadable files (there is no shipping cost) of e-books, audio books plus audio files of rosaries and invocations. After you select your products and submit payment, you will receive an e-mail with links to the downloadable files you purchased. Simply click on a link and you will be taken to the download area. Click Start Download to start the actual process of downloading the file.


• The e-book files are in the most widely used EPUB format. (Note: The Amazon Kindle currently cannot read the EPUB format. However, you can use the free Calibre application to convert EPUB files to the Kindle format.)


• All audio files are in the mp3 format and can thus be played on a wide variety of music players (and, of course, computers).


About e-books

If you are new to the exploding phenomenon of e-books, here is a brief explanation. An e-book is essentially a book that has been saved as an electronic file. It can be read on any computer, but the real advantage of e-books is when they are read on an ebook reader or tablet computer (Ipad).


There are several advantages of e-books compared to printed books:

• E-books can be downloaded directly to your computer, which means there is NO shipping cost and you receive the books immediately.

• You can fit many e-books on an e-reader, and thus you can carry an entire library with you on vacation or on your daily commute.

• Because you save the cost of printing a physical book, e-books cost less than printed books. The savings on books can quickly make up for the cost of the e-reader.


Reading on an e-reader gives you much the same experience as reading a printed book, as the book looks like printed pages that you can turn—on some devices simply by tapping lightly on the screen. E-books can also be read on many smart phones and thus become even more portable, even though the smaller screen size does not give quite the same experience as a printed book.


Our e-books can be read on any e-reader that can handle the EPUB format. However, we recommend the Apple Ipad for the best possible experience. There are many software applications that allow you to read e-books on a PC. We recommend the free Calibre application.