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E-BOOK: I Love Jesus, I Hate Christianity

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This book was written for the many people who sense there is something wrong with – or at least missing from – Christianity, especially those who see that Christianity – in its present form – cannot survive in the modern age. The book makes a distinction between the original teachings of Jesus and the current doctrines and dogmas of the Christian religion. Thus, the book seeks to help people understand the true spiritual message of Jesus, a message that has been almost completely obscured by the outer religion.


One of the main themes of the book is that the Christian religion has been deeply influenced by the human ego. Over the millennia, this has twisted Jesus’ original message to the point where the official religion presents a view of salvation that is in direct opposition to what Jesus taught. This has been “overlooked” because the false view of salvation appeals to one of the ego’s most basic needs, namely the need for security. People want to believe in the automatic salvation promised by the outer religion, rather than the personal, inner, transformative salvation taught by Jesus.


It is also the ego’s need for security that prevents Christianity from changing with the times. Thus, as long as Christians are unwilling to look at themselves and their religion, Christianity will continue to lose members, who go where their spiritual needs are met. And in today’s scientific age, one of people’s spiritual needs is for answers that make sense. The book then explains how Jesus’ original teachings can indeed provide meaningful answers to the questions of today’s spiritual seekers.


Another main theme of the book is that Jesus did not teach an external salvation. He taught an inner, personal process of gradually raising your consciousness until you manifest the state of consciousness demonstrated by Jesus. The book then outlines a series of steps for completing this path, steps that are based on an interpretation of Jesus’ life that dares to “read between the lines.”


The book also outlines practical ways to change the Christian religion into a from that can met the more sophisticated spiritual needs of today’s people. Finally, it contains a discussion about God and our relationship to God and shows how Jesus gave a view of God that is vastly different from the view presented by mainstream Christianity. All in all an inspiring book that will give food for thought to anyone with an open mind and a desire to know the real Jesus beyond the official image.


ISBN 978-9949-21-521-8


Format EPUB


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