Invocations 03: Guidance

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Invoking guidance from the ascended masters, oneness with your I AM Presence, integration and creative freedom.

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ROS07: Mother Mary’s Miracle Oneness Rosary
Expand your awareness of your spiritual self, the spiritual realm and God.

ROS14: Mother Mary's Rosary for Inner Guidance
A short rosary for attaining inner guidance for your spiritual path. Especially effective when given before you study a spiritual teaching or scripture.

INV02: River of Life Invocation
Invoke the light that will place you in the flow of the River of Life by clearing away all blocks to the manifestation of the abundant life for you and for the world.

INV07: Invocation for Integration
An invocation designed to help you reclaim the integration between your Higher being and your lower being.

INV13: Creative Freedom of Will
Released by Saint Germain to invoke the energy of the first ray and set your mind free to unlock your true creative potential by overcoming all illusions about God seeking to force his will upon you.

INV15: Oneness with My I AM Presence
Helps you achieve attunement with your I AM Presence, giving you a foundation for gradually developing a sense of oneness with the Presence.

Great Divine Director Decree
The Great Divine Director is the primary master for helping you discover your life’s purpose and your Divine Plan.

Ebook (epub format)


Format: 7 downloadable mp3 files

Read by Kim Michaels

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