Invocations 04: Healing Four Lower Bodies

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Healing your identity, mental, emotional and physical bodies through will, wisdom, nurturance, independence and infinite light.

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ROS10: Mother Mary’s Rosary of God's Will
Invoke the Will of God, which is truly the will of your own Higher Being, and not a remote being in the sky. Designed to help you surrender the illusions of the ego and reunite with your higher self. Will also help manifest God's kingdom on Earth and clear your etheric or identity body.

ROS11: Mother Mary’s Rosary of All-pervading Wisdom
Invoke God's Wisdom as the wisdom of your own Higher Being. Designed to help you discover the divine plan that your soul and your spiritual teachers designed before you took embodiment. Also clears your mental body.

ROS12: Mother Mary's Rosary of Miracle Nurturance
Invoke God's abundance in your life and realign your desires with the will of your I AM presence and the true desires of your soul. Clears your emotional body.

ROS13: Mother Mary’s Rosary of Miracle Independence
Invoke your true spiritual independence and overcome the many subtle beliefs that bind you to the ego and the sense of struggle. Clears your physical body and help bring your higher vision into manifestation.

ROS09: Mother Mary's Infinite Light Rosary
Invoke the infinite light of God and direct it into specific personal and planetary circumstances, thereby realigning them with the highest vision.

Ebook (epub format)


Format: 5 downloadable mp3 files

Read by Kim Michaels

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