World Invocations 03: Invoking Changes in World Politics

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Invoke light to bring changes to specific areas of world politics, including the money system, the economy, and the recognition that there is a reality that is not affected by human beliefs, political theories and opinions.

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WINV09: Invoking Infinite Light into World Politics
A variation of the Infinite Light Invocation specifically to invoke light into the economy, the political situation, conflict and the potential for war.

WINV16: Invocation for Restoring the WORD World-wide
Invoke the restoration of the WORD on a planetary scale. The Word is the recognition that there is a reality that is beyond the man-made, ego-based illusions. Only by attuning to this reality can we solve the problems that plague our society.

WINV26: Saint Germain’s Call for a Sound Money System
Call forth a new awareness of how the current money system has been perverted by disassociating money from anything of real value. Then call forth the awareness of how to establish a sound money system leading to a Golden Age of abundance for all people, not just the elite.

WINV27: Saint Germain’s Call for Sustainable Growth in the Economy
Call forth a balanced economy that has sustainable growth instead of ups and downs. This is an economy that raises up all people toward the abundant life instead of concentrating wealth in the hands of a small elite.

WINV34: Resurrecting the Divine Feminine in Christianity
Invoke a resurrection of the feminine element in the male-dominated Christian religion. Call for women to be allowed to fill their intended roles of bringing balance and renewal to the Christian religion.

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Read by Kim Michaels

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