E-BOOK: Creative Questions About Abortion

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The purpose of this book is to raise a series of questions that go beyond the paradigms of both mainstream Christianity and materialistic science. In doing so, the book suggests an entirely new – non-confrontational – approach to the abortion issue.


However, this book is not only about the abortion debate. It raises profound questions about how our society treats ideas that threaten the status quo of the ruling elite. It raises the specter of how history’s dominant elites have attempted to suppress new ideas, even though the ideas were later accepted as valid. 

The book details several examples of how certain elites are threatened by the expansion of the human population, causing them to introduce ideas that seem to support the need for a smaller population. This has profound implications for the current environmental debate, which is likewise affected by an elitist desire for domination and control over the general population.

If you want a better understanding of how war is fought with ideas, this book will help you see many hidden currents in the public discourse.


ISBN 978–9949–9215–6–0

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