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Decrees and Invocations

EBOOK Help People Overcome the...

€ 12.49
A very powerful tool for helping yourself, groups of people, nations and the world overcome the prison of the past.

EBOOK Help Saint Germain Stop ...

€ 12.49
If you are concerned about the issue of poverty and open to a spiritual solution, this book gives you powerful knowledge and practical tools for making an effort to eradicate the consciousness behind poverty.

EBOOK Help the Ascended Master...

€ 10.65
Direct revelation from Mother Mary about the spiritual causes of war with 13 invocations for stopping war.

EBOOK: Invoking Light through ...

€ 4.26
Invoking Light through Decrees and Affirmations is a practical guide to learning the Alchemy of Spiritual Light. The Ebook contains all affirmations and general decrees that are give in Transcendencetoolbox.com website.

EBOOK: Invoking the Light of t...

€ 4.26
The ebook contains all decrees to the Seven Rays.

E-BOOK: Invocations for World ...

€ 4.26
This E-book contains the text of all of the world invocations. It is formatted specifically to be used on any E-book reader, such as smart phones or tablet computers (for example, the Ipad), making it possible to carry all of the invocations with you. The

E-BOOK: Invocations for Person...

€ 4.26
This e-book contains ALL the texts of the personal rosaries and invocations that have been released through the Askrealjesus.com website. It has been updated on 24th July 2011 with the latest 4 invocations to the Divine Mother

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