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Personal Invocations packages

Recordings of the personal invocations listed on Transcendence Toolbox.

In order to offer you a better price per invocation, the recordings are sold as packages that contain recordings of several invocations and rosaries. The recordings are performed by Kim Michaels who has over 30 years of experience of invoking spiritual light. Through his mantle of messenger, Kim is being used by the ascended masters to transfer light through the recordings.

Each package also contains an Ebook (epub format) with the text of the invocations and decrees in the package.

Invocations 24:Healing Your Sp...

€ 18.75
Invocations from the book by Nada: The Mystical Initiations of Peace

Invocations 23: Mystical Initi...

€ 15.00
Invocations from the book by Nada: The Mystical Initiations of Peace

Invocations 22: Mystical Initi...

€ 12.50
Invocations from the book by Hilarion: The Mystical Initiations of Vision

Invocations 21: Mystical Initi...

€ 12.50
Invocations from the book by Serapis Bey: The Mystical Initiations of Intention

Invocations 16: Heal Your Life...

€ 18.75
Heal all aspects of your life through forgiveness. From the book: Heal Your Life by Forgiving Everything

Invocations 13: Mystical Initi...

€ 12.50
Invocations from the book by Master Lanto: The Mystical Initiations of Wisdom

Invocations 20: Mystical Initi...

€ 12.50
Invocations from the book by Paul the Venetian: The Mystical Initiations of Love

Invocations 11: First Ray of P...

€ 10.00
Invoking the energies of the first ray of power through the Elohim the Archangel and the Chohan. From the book The Creative Power Within.

Invocations 17: Mind over Matt...

€ 12.50
Eight invocations for helping you manifest spiritual and material abundance by invoking creative freedom, harmony, wholeness and mastery over matter. From the book: A Course in Abundance, volume 1, Mind over Matter.

Invocations 15: Clearing the C...

€ 12.50
Heal all aspects of your life by clearing the eight chakras through the seven rays and the first secret ray. From the book: Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras.

Invocations 14: Communicating ...

€ 12.50
Improve your communication skills by invoking the energies of the seven rays specifically focused on communication. From the book: How to Communicate from the Heart.

Invocations 12: Song of Life H...

€ 21.25
Beautiful and powerful invocations for healing your four lower bodies, including physical healing. Also heals your relationship with God. From the book; The Song of Life Healing Matrix.

Invocations 10: Death Consciou...

€ 10.00
Invocations for overcoming the internal spirits that keep you trapped in the death consciousness. From the book: Flowing with the River of Life Exercise Book.

Invocations 07: Spiritual Cris...

€ 12.50
A powerful set of tools for people going through a spiritual crises or for anyone wanting to speed up spiritual growth.

Invocations 09: Invoking the D...

€ 12.50
Balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of your psyche and healing your relationship with the Divine Mother, including being able to accept material abundance.

Invocations 08: Invoking the S...

€ 12.50
Increase your creative powers by learning how to invoke, balance, integrate and express the seven spiritual rays. Includes a special eight-fold healing invocation.

Invocations 06: Overcoming the...

€ 12.50
How to rise above burdens from the past, including the death consciousness. How to invoke a golden future and live in the eternal now.

Invocations 05: Psychological ...

€ 12.50
Invoking wholeness through forgiveness, unconditional love, clearing the heart, loving yourself and freedom from psychic projections.

Invocations 04: Healing Four L...

€ 12.50
Healing your identity, mental, emotional and physical bodies through will, wisdom, nurturance, independence and infinite light.

Invocations 03: Guidance

€ 12.50
Invoking guidance from the ascended masters, oneness with your I AM Presence, integration and creative freedom.

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