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Invocations for protection and Growth

Invocations 11: First Ray of P...

€ 10.00
Invoking the energies of the first ray of power through the Elohim the Archangel and the Chohan. From the book The Creative Power Within.

Invocations 07: Spiritual Cris...

€ 12.50
A powerful set of tools for people going through a spiritual crises or for anyone wanting to speed up spiritual growth.

Invocations 03: Guidance

€ 12.50
Invoking guidance from the ascended masters, oneness with your I AM Presence, integration and creative freedom.

Invocations 02: Protection, Gr...

€ 12.50
Invoking personal protection from Archangel Michael, daily growth, gratitude, acceptance and help for children.

Invocations 01: Protection and...

€ 8.75
A good package for those who are new to invoking light or for those who want a comprehensive package for daily protection, clearance and transmutation. Invocations and decrees to Archangel Michael for protection, Elohim Astrea for cutting you free from li

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