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Invocations for Self-mastery

Invocations 22: Mystical Initi...

€ 12.50
Invocations from the book by Hilarion: The Mystical Initiations of Vision

Invocations 21: Mystical Initi...

€ 12.50
Invocations from the book by Serapis Bey: The Mystical Initiations of Intention

Invocations 13: Mystical Initi...

€ 12.50
Invocations from the book by Master Lanto: The Mystical Initiations of Wisdom

Invocations 20: Mystical Initi...

€ 12.50
Invocations from the book by Paul the Venetian: The Mystical Initiations of Love

Invocations 17: Mind over Matt...

€ 12.50
Eight invocations for helping you manifest spiritual and material abundance by invoking creative freedom, harmony, wholeness and mastery over matter. From the book: A Course in Abundance, volume 1, Mind over Matter.

Invocations 15: Clearing the C...

€ 12.50
Heal all aspects of your life by clearing the eight chakras through the seven rays and the first secret ray. From the book: Heal Yourself by Clearing the Chakras.

Invocations 14: Communicating ...

€ 12.50
Improve your communication skills by invoking the energies of the seven rays specifically focused on communication. From the book: How to Communicate from the Heart.

Invocations 12: Song of Life H...

€ 21.25
Beautiful and powerful invocations for healing your four lower bodies, including physical healing. Also heals your relationship with God. From the book; The Song of Life Healing Matrix.

Invocations 08: Invoking the S...

€ 12.50
Increase your creative powers by learning how to invoke, balance, integrate and express the seven spiritual rays. Includes a special eight-fold healing invocation.

Invocations 03: Guidance

€ 12.50
Invoking guidance from the ascended masters, oneness with your I AM Presence, integration and creative freedom.

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