Master Keys to Personal Christhood

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The New Testament states that Jesus taught the multitudes in parables, but he explained “all things” to his disciples. How would you like to be one of Jesus’ direct disciples and receive the kind of instruction that was never recorded in the Bible? This book contains 17 lessons on how you can attain personal Christhood, the state of consciousness demonstrated by Jesus.


The book is a direct revelation from the Ascended Master Jesus Christ, who explains that the ultimate success of any spiritual teacher is that at least some among the students attain the same state of consciousness as that demonstrated by the teacher. Because mainstream Christianity perverted his teachings, Jesus has so far not had a fair harvest for his efforts. Yet in this day and age, 10,000 people are ready to manifest and demonstrate their Christhood and millions more can attain some degree of Christhood.


This book is written so that people from any religious or spiritual background (even people from a non-religious background) can follow the course and work their way toward a transformation of consciousness. The book is not meant to be read and understood intellectually. Each of the lessons contains a practical exercise that takes 33 days. Thus, following the entire course takes about a year and a half. Yet early followers of the course have reported a great transformation of consciousness that makes it well worth it to put forth the daily effort.


ISBN 978-0982574614

626 pages
Format 6 x 9 in

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