World Invocations 01: Restoring the Planetary Energy Flow

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Powerful invocations for restoring the correct planetary energy flow from East to West and for invoking light into overall planetary conditions and specific disasters.

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WINV01: East-West Invocation
Clears toxic energies on a personal and planetary scale, thereby restoring a balanced energy flow. Also calls for the retrieval of lost soul fragments and for their reintegration to restore the wholeness of your soul.

WINV02: Golden Age East-West Invocation
A variation of the East-West invocation, using the Golden Age invocation format to restore the highest energy flow between the Eastern and Western hemispheres, thereby bringing the planet back to a balanced state that provides the platform for peace and prosperity.

WINV05: Healing Invocation for Disasters
Invoke healing for the victims of all types of disasters, so they can move on and rebuild their lives, communities and nations.

WINV07: Mother Mary's Golden Age Invocation
Invoke the manifestation of the Golden Age in all aspects of life on Earth.

WINV08: Invoking Infinite Light into World Conditions
A variation of the Infinite Light Invocation specifically to consume conditions that affect the Earth Mother and the environment.

Ebook (epub format)


Format: 5 downloadable mp3 files

Read by Kim Michaels

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