Invocations 06: Overcoming the Past

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How to rise above burdens from the past, including the death consciousness. How to invoke a golden future and live in the eternal now.

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INV03: Eternal Flow Invocation
A short and meditative invocation for establishing the figure-eigth flow, whereby the Light of your God Flame can flow from your Higher Being to your lower being.

INV06: Jesus’ Invocation for Victory over Death
Released by Jesus to help you overcome the planetary force of the death consciousness and overcome this "last enemy," setting yourself free from all fear of death.

INV08: Invocation for Rising Above the Past
Invoke the light to set yourself free from painful situations and limitations from the past.

INV09: Invocation for a Golden Future
Invoke the light to manifest a golden future for yourself and the planet.

INV10: Invocation of the Eternal NOW
Escape the illusion of time by setting your mind free to embrace the eternal NOW that is the only time there is.

Ebook (epub format)


Format: 5 downloadable mp3 files

Read by Kim Michaels

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