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E-BOOK: I Am Thinking Christian

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This book is written for the increasing number of people who have either given up on Christianity or who find it difficult to be a Christian in an increasingly rational and scientific society. The book demonstrates that it is indeed possible to be a modern, thinking person while still finding value in the inner, spiritual teachings of Jesus. The book also suggests a way to transcend the state of open warfare between science and religion.


The book starts by explaining how to turn your doubts about religion into an asset by understanding our psychological needs. You will learn how doubt is actually a sign that you are rising from the lower security needs to the higher self-actualization needs. By acknowledging this as a healthy development, you can move from a fear-based to a love-based approach to religion. Incidentally, this is exactly the approach that Jesus himself wanted his followers to have.


The book then explains how to bridge the gap between a scientific and religious world view, even explaining how there is indeed room for God in the latest discoveries of science. The book then describes how to question the “holy cows” of both official Christianity and materialistic science, so you can develop a world view that makes sense by answering your questions about the origin and purpose of life. This includes showing how many of the discoveries of science do indeed confirm, even enhance, a spiritual world view.


The book goes into depth about how even evolution can be reconciled with a spiritual view. It explains how the discoveries of a direct link between consciousness and matter literally proves that there is a spiritual aspect to life. It is therefore no longer rational or scientific for science to ignore consciousness, and a deeper understanding of consciousness can indeed bridge the gap between spirituality and science.


The book then explains how the uncertainty principle proves the existence of free will, which means that God did not create our misery and will not save us from it. We have to uncreate what we have created by learning to use the creative powers of our minds consciously instead of unconsciously. And this is precisely what Jesus came to teach us—when his true teachings are understood.


Finally, the book outlines a way to bring Christianity into the 21st century by turning its focus into self-realization rather than an external salvation. This will turn Christianity into a love-based, inclusive community that will have no conflicts with other religions or science. It will also be a movement that will help people integrate the Christ mind into all areas of their lives, thereby bringing Jesus and his true teachings back into people’s lives.


Truly, an inspirational and ground-breaking book for anyone interested in a deeper understanding of Jesus’ teachings, the relationship between science and religion and the way to make Christianity more relevant to modern people.


ISBN 978-9949-21-524-9


Format EPUB


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