E-BOOK: Fallen Angels and the Psychology of Control

E-BOOK: Fallen Angels and the Psychology of Control

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This book presents excerpts from dictations given by the ascended masters between 2004 and today. As the title says, it is a collection of Ascended Master teachings about fallen angels, fallen consciousness and the psychology of control. 


If you are looking to truly understand the cause of war, conflict and man’s inhumanity to man – and if you are willing to think outside the box – this book will give you a new perspective on history. It explains why every society has had a small elite that managed to gain control over the population.


This book goes far beyond conspiracy theories by identifying the real cause of evil as a state of consciousness. This “fallen” consciousness has affected every aspect of society, and it colors our thinking in many subtle ways. Yet once you understand the psychological mechanism behind it, you will be able to escape this control. And as more and more people do the same, society will move towards a new and better age.


This book will not weigh you down with fear or a sense that we are controlled by hidden forces and can do nothing about it. On the contrary, this book brings a message of profound hope, as well as practical tools for raising both yourself and humanity beyond the fallen consciousness and its psychology of control.


ISBN: 978-9949-9278-0-7

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