EBOOK Ending the Era of Dictatorships

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This book is for experienced spiritual students who understand that we who are in embodiment must decide what we allow on earth. And it is high time for us to decide that we will no longer accept dictators on this planet. The way to go beyond the era of dictatorships is to raise the collective consciousness and to invoke assistance from the ascended masters, our designated spiritual teachers.  

You will find a series of profound teachings on the spiritual causes behind dictators, plus practical tools that empower you to make a contribution to removing the fear-based energies and dark forces that support the existence of dictators. Some of the topics covered:

Why dictators always have the consent of the governed

Why dictators are not normal human beings

Why dictators want their followers to love them

Why dictatorships go against biological survivability

Why dictatorships are based on a vision that leads to division

Why democracy is not the opposite of dictatorships

Why dictators and their followers need to feel special

Why dark forces support and use dictators

Why dictators get people to point the finger at each other


NOTE: Contains a powerful invocation for each chapter.


ISBN: 978-87-93297-69-2

488 pages in printed version



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