EBOOK Spiritual Solutions to America’s Problems

€ 11.25

This book is for people who are open to the spiritual side of life and who realize that everything manifest in the material world is the effect of causes in the higher energetic realms. Therefore, it is possible to change material conditions by changing the causes in the non-material world. 

You will find a series of profound teachings on some of the deeper problems in America, plus practical tools that allow you to make a contribution to changing the unseen causes behind material conditions. Some of the topics covered:


The need for a greater social awareness

Developing a non-confrontational public discourse

How Christianity prevents growth in America

Developing the United Peoples of America

A new American Creed

Political changes for bringing a Golden Age

The need for transparency in government

Overcoming the slavery of Capitalism

The need for a new kind of leadership

Freeing Americans from the power elite

A non-elitist foreign policy


NOTE: Contains a powerful invocation for each chapter.


ISBN: 978-87-93297-60-9

712 pages in printed version



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