EBOOK: Invoking the Light of the Seven Rays

EBOOK: Invoking the Light of the Seven Rays

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Invoking the Light of the Seven Rays by Kim Michaels

A Practical Guide to learning the Alchemy of the Seven Rays


This ebook contains ALL decrees to the seven rays that have been released through the Transcendencetoolbox.com website. 


The ebook now contains all the decrees of the seven ray. Before the decrees to each ray, there is a short introduction the the ray and its qualities. You can read about the characteristics of a specific ray and why it is essential to invoke light on a regular basis. The Content is the following:


The spiritual rays

The characteristics of a ray

The rays and the chakras

Decrees to the seven rays

An energetic world view - energy hygiene

The need for energy hygiene

The mass consciousness

A downward energetic spiral

1st Ray pure qualities and perversions 

1.01 Decree to Hercules and Amazonia

1.02 Decree to Archangel Michael

1.03 Decree to Master MORE

2nd Ray pure qualities and perversions

2.01 Decree to Apollo and Lumina

2.02 Decree to Archangel Jophiel

2.03 Decree to Master Lanto

3rd Ray pure qualities and perversions

3.01 Decree to Heros and Amora

3.02 Decree to Archangel Chamuel

3.03 Decree to Paul the Venetian

4th Ray pure qualities and perversions

4.01 Decree to Astrea and Purity

4.02 Decree to Archangel Gabriel

4.03 Decree to Serapis Bey

5th Ray pure qualities and perversions

5.01 Decree to Cyclopea and Virginia

5.02 Decree to Archangel Raphael

5.03 Decree to Hilarion

6th Ray pure qualities and perversions

6.01 Decree to Peace and Aloha

6.02 Decree to Archangel Uriel

6.03 Decree to Lady Master Nada

7th Ray pure qualities and perversions

7.01 Decree to Elohim Arcturus and Victoria 

7.02 Decree to Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst

7.03 Decree to Saint Germain

8th Ray teaching and decree

The Eighth Ray initiation

8.01 Decree to the Maha Chohan


All the decrees are repeated multiple times, so that you can give a decree 9 or 36 times without having to count. The book is formatted specifically to be used on any E-book reader.


Invoking the Light of the Seven Rays is a practical guide to learning the Alchemy of the Seven Rays.

Format EPUB

ISBN: 978-9949-9383-9-1 


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