E-BOOK: Invocations for Personal Transformation

E-BOOK: Invocations for Personal Transformation

€ 4.37

This e-book contains ALL the texts of the personal rosaries and invocations that have been released through the transcendencetoolbox.com website. It has been updated on 4th February 2012 with the latest invocation, The Ever-transcending Flow of the Sacred Seven  - an invocation for consuming all blocks to the flow of the Holy Spirit, for manifesting your personal Christhood and for manifesting the Golden Age on a world-wide scale.


The e-book is formatted specifically to be used on any E-book reader, making it possible to carry all of the invocations with you. The text automatically adjusts to the screen size of your device, and it contains all refrains right after the verse, so you can continue to scroll through an invocation without having to go back and forth.


Format EPUB (Please make sure that you have an ebook reading software installed - Adobe Digitals or similar to open the file)

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