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The Mystical Initiations of Wisdom

€ 26.19

The books in The Path to Self-Mastery series present a set of mystical and practical initiations designed to raise your consciousness and unlock your creative potential. Each book presents the initiations of one of the seven spiritual rays. Everything in the material universe is created from the energies of the seven rays. The way to increase your creative powers and manifest the life you want is to master the creative energies of these rays.

This book presents the seven initiations of the Second Ray of wisdom and illumination. Each teaching is accompanied by a practical exercise designed to help you invoke and direct the creative energies of the Second Ray. This helps you integrate the lesson, shift your consciousness and manifest practical changes in your life. Master Lanto will teach you:

- How to stop using wisdom as a weapon

- How to avoid becoming imprisoned by wisdom

- How to love wisely

- How to overcome the quest for ultimate wisdom

- How to heal yourself by giving up false wisdom

- How to find peace beyond value judgments

- How to be free in expressing your inner wisdom


Format: 5.25 x 8 in softcover black-white interior book

pages: 292

weight 0.80 lb or 0.37 kg

ISBN: 978-9949-9215-9-1

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