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EBOOK: Freedom from Ego Dramas

€ 6.24

Freedom from Ego Dramas by Kim Michaels


NOTE: Freedom from Ego Dramas contains some of Jesus' discourses on the ego that were previously available on the website and in Unmasking the Ego. The material has been substantially revised and contains several new ego dramas. The book contains over 50% new material.

This book reveals hidden facets of the human ego and how it creates personal and epic dramas The ascended master Jesus shows you how fallen beings who oppose God have used the human ego to create the illusion of an epic struggle. The epic struggle, once it has engaged you, quickly becomes a personal struggle that traps many spiritual seekers in fighting for what they think is a good or spiritual cause. In reality, the struggle is a complete illusion, or rather a drama, and it will never accomplish any spiritual purpose. It will keep you trapped in a downward spiral that feeds your spiritual light to forces that oppose God.

In this book, Jesus exposes with penetrating honesty how the false teachers have created a set of dramas that have enslaved people for a very long time. Jesus shows you how to pull yourself away from this false path and make progress on the true mystical path of union with your higher being. You will learn:  
  • how to recognize ego dramas and rise above them 
  • how to avoid seeking to prove one of the ego's illusions 
  • how to simply walk away from the drama consciousness 
  • how the ascended masters can help you escape your dramas and make true progress on your spiritual path 
  • how to escape the subtle illusion that God must have made a mistake or needs your help to fight other people 
  • how to reclaim your innocence



ISBN: 978-9949-518-34-0


The Kindle edition of Freedom from Ego Dramas is available in the Kindle store.

You can also order the paperback of Freedom from Ego Dramas from Barnes&Noble or Amazon.

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