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E-BOOK: The Least You Should Know About Life

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A short book that is easy to read, yet covers an amazing array of topics. This is not a self-help book, not a spiritual book, not a religious book and not a philosophical book—it is all of these combined. The book is so universal and non-offensive in tone that it is suitable for readers from just about any background. It is the perfect introduction for those who are new to self-help or spirituality. It is also the perfect gift for introducing these topics to friends or family.


The main theme of the book is to explain the nature and elements of your mind, so that you can learn to take command over the “components of self.” This involves a scientific explanation for the subconscious mind and an intuitive mind that is beyond both subconscious and conscious minds. You will also learn how to develop these intuitive faculties and adopt a new world view that can help you find meaningful answers to your questions about life.


The book explains the connection between mind and matter, including why science itself has established that there is such a connection. It then explains how you can develop the faculties of the mind and thereby manifest your goals in life. It also explains your personal energy field and how you can transform negative psychological conditions, such as depression, by clearing your field from accumulated energy.


Finally, the book gives a big-picture view of the purpose of life, who you really are, where you came from and why you are here. A thought-provoking and inspiring book that truly delivers an astonishing amount of information for such a small and easy-to-read package.


ISBN 978-9949-21-520-1


Format EPUB


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