The Creative Power Within

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The Creative power Within by Kim Michaels

Ascended Master MORE is the Chohan of the First Ray—the ray of Creative Drive, Divine Power and Divine Will. He is a universal teacher who helps lifestreams unlock their creative powers so that they are willing to make creative decisions and do it without letting previous choices limit their future choices.

“The purpose of the Path to Self-mastery is not to raise you up to where you become powerful as judged by a human standard, but where you actually become the open door for the power of God. But you see, the power of God wants to express itself on earth, but it will not express itself according to human expectations and standards. That is why – as long as you hold on to such expectations and standards – your mind will be the closed door. You are subconsciously imposing conditions on how the creative power of God can be expressed through you, and this will effectively close the valves in your chakras and prevent the power of God from streaming through. For of course, the power of God, while all-powerful, will not violate the power of free will.” -Master MORE

ISBN 978-9949-518-09-8

series ISBN: 978-9949-9383-4-6

This book is vol 3 in the series "The Path to Self-mastery"

Format SOFTBOUND 5.25 x 8 in

272 pages

Weight 0,638 lb or 289 gr

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Introduction 13

|1|Introducing the First Ray 15

|2|Power and will 27

|3|Power and wisdom 43

|4|Power and love 57 

|5|Power and acceleration 77

|6|Power and healing 93

|7|Power and peace 117

|8|Power and freedom 135

|9|The out-breath and the in-breath of God 155

The Creative Flow of Hercules 177

Archangel Michael’s Transforming Power 197

The Ineffable Joy of Master MORE 217

1.01 Decree to Hercules and Amazonia 239

1.02 Decree to Archangel Michael 242

1.03 Decree to Master MORE 245

About the Author 250

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