The Secret Path Beyond Ego

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The Secret Path beyond Ego by Kim Michaels

This book presents excerpts from dictations given by the ascended masters through Kim Michaels between 2004 and today.

Millions of people, who have started to awaken to the spiritual side of life, find a spiritual teaching, start to apply that teaching, and then gradually get caught in the age-old ego games. They use the spiritual teaching to prop up their sense of being the favorite sons or the chosen people. The ego always manages to turn any spiritual teaching into a false path—the outer path, which makes you think that you can qualify for the ascension by changing other people or the world.

The human ego uses all kinds of tricks to justify its own choices, especially its unwillingness to change. The ego will seek to make you believe that it cannot, is not allowed to or does not need to rise beyond its current level. Thus, in order to rise from one level of consciousness to the next, the you will have to transcend the corresponding aspect of the ego.

The real spiritual path is an inner path, where you realize that the only way that you can qualify for your ascension is to change yourself—your sense of self. Thus, to find the true spiritual path that leads to your real freedom from mortal struggle, you have to find the secret path beyond ego.

For those who are open to the existence of universal spiritual teachers who have already followed the path beyond ego, this book offers a unique perspective on what the ego is and how it originated. What better way to go beyond ego than to learn from teachers who are already there. In this book, many Masters – Jesus, Mother Mary, Gautama Buddha, El Morya, Saint Germain and others – give their teachings about finding the secret path beyond the ego-based consciousness. Having experienced the subtleties of the human ego, the Masters give practical guidance for recognizing and transcending the ego. This will empower you to find true freedom and awaken your full potential as an individualization of God.

This is an indispensable guide for all serious students of new spirituality.


694 pages


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