The Mystical Initiations of Vision

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The books in The Path to Self-Mastery series present a set of mystical and practical initiations designed to raise your consciousness and unlock your creative potential. Each book presents the initiations of one of the seven spiritual rays. The way to increase your creative powers and manifest the life you want is to master the creative energies of these rays.

This book presents the seven initiations of the Fifth Ray of vision, truth and healing. You will find profound teachings on how to raise your vision beyond the programmed response of seeing everything as things that cannot be changed with the powers of the mind. The process will help you see beyond the matter screen and see the energetic component behind everything. You will learn:

How we use and abuse vision as an active faculty

How to get results from your spiritual efforts

How to stop being focused on matter and things

How to stop projecting upon other people

How to stop projecting upon yourself

How to be a true healer

How to see higher energies beyond matter


Format: 5.25 x 8 in softcover black-white interior book

pages: 440

ISBN: 978-87-93297-40-1


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