Alternative View of Religion
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Alternative View of Religion

EBOOK: How Mystics Can Unify S...

€ 3.74
A profound discussion of the purpose of religion and religious scriptures, mystical experiences and a non-violent approach to religion and science.

EBOOK: Was Jesus a New Age Gur...

€ 5.47
Did Jesus teach a gradual, mystical path to a higher state of consciousness rather than the external salvation promised by mainstream Christianity?

E-BOOK: I Am Thinking Christia...

€ 1.10
This book is written for the increasing number of people who have either given up on Christianity or who find it difficult to be a Christian in an increasingly rational and scientific society. The book demonstrates that it is indeed possible to be a moder

E-BOOK: The Secret Coming of C...

€ 1.10
This book is written specifically for people who suspect that there is something missing in the official Christian view of salvation.

E-BOOK: I Love Jesus, I Hate C...

€ 1.10
This book was written for the many people who sense there is something wrong with – or at least missing from – Christianity, especially those who see that Christianity – in its present form – cannot survive in the modern age. The book makes a distinction

E-BOOK: Master Keys to Spiritu...

€ 7.21 (€ 10.95) You Save: € 3.74
It is an ancient axiom that the truth will set you free and the truth contained in this book will indeed give you the keys to spiritual freedom. There is probably no other spiritual book that gives you such a clear an accessible view of the basic dynamic

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