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Invocations for World Change

World Invocations 09: Help the...

€ 17.50
Compagnon files for the book Help the Ascended Masters Stop War. 13 invocations for stopping the forces of war.

World Invocations 08: How You ...

€ 6.25
Compagnon files for the book How You Can Help Change the World. Four invocations for clearing the four octaves

World Invocations 07: Invoking...

€ 12.50
Call forth positive changes in the Middle East, including consuming fear, consuming the consciousness of the “Accuser of the Brethren,” the consciousness that suppresses women and the consciousness of war.

World Invocations 06: Invoking...

€ 12.50
Invoking changes in Russia and all countries affected by the Soviet Union. Consume the consciousness of anti-christ and awaken the golden age consciousness. Call for setting your country free from the mindset behind communism.

World Invocations 05: Invoking...

€ 12.50
Invoke changes in Europe, including consuming the records of Europe’s warring past, healing the European psyche and exposing the false foundation of Christianity that was set in Europe.

World Invocations 04: Invoking...

€ 12.50
Invoke changes in both North, South and Latin America, including restoring true freedom and bringing the golden age consciousness to the Americas.

World Invocations 03: Invoking...

€ 12.50
Invoke light to bring changes to specific areas of world politics, including the money system, the economy, and the recognition that there is a reality that is not affected by human beliefs, political theories and opinions.

World Invocations 02: Invoking...

€ 12.50
Invoke the Flame of Peace to consume the consciousness behind war, invoke light to consume specific conflicts and call for the consuming of the consciousness that creates division and conflict.

World Invocations 01: Restorin...

€ 12.50
Powerful invocations for restoring the correct planetary energy flow from East to West and for invoking light into overall planetary conditions and specific disasters.

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