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E-BOOK: Fallen Angels and the ...

€ 11.03
This book presents excerpts from dictations given by the ascended masters between 2004 and today. The missing link in your understanding of history.

E-BOOK: The Secret Path Beyond...

€ 7.72
The real spiritual path is an inner path, where you realize that the only way that you can qualify for your ascension is to change yourself—your sense of self.

E-BOOK: Creative Questions Abo...

€ 1.24
The purpose of this book is to raise a series of questions that go beyond the paradigms of both mainstream Christianity and materialistic science. In doing so, the book suggests an entirely new – non-confrontational – approach to the abortion issue.

E-BOOK: The Gospel for Busy Pe...

€ 1.10
Have you ever wanted to read the four gospels of the New Testament, but never found the time? Or have you started but got stuck because several of the gospels repeat the same stories?

E-BOOK: Healing Mother Earth

€ 6.61
The book is a direct revelation from humankind’s spiritual teachers, including the Divine Mother, the Buddha and the Chohans of each of the spiritual rays. These ego-free teachers explain how we can each play a role in raising the collective consciousness

EBOOK: Invoking the Light of t...

€ 4.41
The ebook contains all decrees to the Seven Rays.

E-BOOK: Invocations for World ...

€ 4.41
This E-book contains the text of all of the world invocations. It is formatted specifically to be used on any E-book reader, such as smart phones or tablet computers (for example, the Ipad), making it possible to carry all of the invocations with you. The

E-BOOK: Invocations for Person...

€ 4.41
This e-book contains ALL the texts of the personal rosaries and invocations that have been released through the Askrealjesus.com website. It has been updated on 24th July 2011 with the latest 4 invocations to the Divine Mother

E-BOOK: The Jesus Koans

€ 2.21
This is a gem of a book that will not fail to entertain, uplift and inspire. Short, snappy and sometimes humorous zen-like koans that give profound insights into the true, inner, mystical teachings of Jesus—and everyday life. It turns out Jesus was a Zen

E-BOOK: I Am Thinking Christia...

€ 1.10
This book is written for the increasing number of people who have either given up on Christianity or who find it difficult to be a Christian in an increasingly rational and scientific society. The book demonstrates that it is indeed possible to be a moder

E-BOOK: The Secret Coming of C...

€ 1.10
This book is written specifically for people who suspect that there is something missing in the official Christian view of salvation.

E-BOOK: The Inner Path of Ligh...

€ 3.30
Are you looking for an introduction to self-help that can be read and understood by anyone—even people with a rational, materialistic outlook on life? If so, this book offers a universal approach to personal growth that will help you understand how it is

E-BOOK: The Least You Should K...

€ 1.10
A short book that is easy to read, yet covers an amazing array of topics. This is not a self-help book, not a spiritual book, not a religious book and not a philosophical book—it is all of these combined. The book is so universal and non-offensive in tone

E-BOOK: The Art of Non-War

€ 3.30
Have heard about or read the classical book by Sun Tzu, called The Art of War? If so, this book will prove far more thought-provoking than the original.

E-BOOK: I Love Jesus, I Hate C...

€ 1.10
This book was written for the many people who sense there is something wrong with – or at least missing from – Christianity, especially those who see that Christianity – in its present form – cannot survive in the modern age. The book makes a distinction

E-BOOK: Master Keys to Persona...

€ 11.03
The New Testament states that Jesus taught the multitudes in parables, but he explained “all things” to his disciples. How would you like to be one of Jesus’ direct disciples and receive the kind of instruction that was never recorded in the Bible? This b

E-BOOK: Master Keys to Spiritu...

€ 7.29 (€ 11.03) You Save: € 3.74
It is an ancient axiom that the truth will set you free and the truth contained in this book will indeed give you the keys to spiritual freedom. There is probably no other spiritual book that gives you such a clear an accessible view of the basic dynamic

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